Growing up. Building love. Sharing.

Share your time wisely

Give the greatest gift of love.

Making a family and building that security for your children is gift.

The stronger you are for your family the more support you can give to your children and also give to the community.

The more we gain and give back the greater we are able to build better safer communities for children to be raised in.

I have decided to take the initiative to return to school to continue my education to obtain a Bachelors in Information Technology. I want to be better prepared for the workforce and be able to earn enough income to provide and support my growing family. I have been under employed for the past 15 years and I want to end and break this cycle. I am the first family member to attend college.

I want to be able to set a great example for my children. I want to be able to show them what it takes to work hard and achieve your goals and dreams. I have been through some very difficult times medically, emotionally and financially. I am a domestic abuse survivor. I do not want my children to have to suffer in the same ways I have suffered. I want to be a better and stronger Mother, Wife, Daughter and Friend. I want to be able to not only give to my children and family. I want to be able to give back to my community and help create a safer environment for everyone. I want to be able to earn a degree in A field that will allow me to accomplish ways to be creative and build greater communities. I want to be able to connect people together. Additionally giving others the tools to be able to build confidence and value to know they are worth so much more and nobody deserves to suffer at the hands of someone else.

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